Welcome to Exasol 8 Documentation

Learn how to get started in Exasol, how to use your database, and more

Getting startedGetting Started

Learn how to get started using Exasol on-premises or in the cloud.

Connect to ExasolConnect to Exasol

Learn how to connect different tools to an Exasol database and about the available integrations.

Loading dataLoading Data

Learn how to load data into Exasol from a file or from another DBMS.

Database conceptsDatabase Concepts

Learn about Exasol database features such as virtual schemas, UDFs, scripts, and more.

SQL ReferenceSQL Reference

Learn about the Exasol SQL syntax, built-in functions, data types, and more.

PlanningPlanning Guide

Learn about important concepts when planning your Exasol cluster, such as data security and fail safety.

Advanced analyticsAdvanced Analytics

Learn how to use UDFs to perform advanced analytics with examples.


Learn about the best practices to get optimal performance out of your database.


Learn how to install, configure, and administer an Exasol cluster on premises.

Learn how to install, configure, and administer Exasol on AWS.