Product Life Cycle

This section decribes the Exasol release types and product life cycle.

Release Types

Exasol 8 offers two types of releases:

Rolling Release (RR)

A Rolling Release is a continuous release model where new features and updates are continuously rolled out and made available. This release model ensures that the software is kept up-to-date with the latest bugfixes and security updates. A rolling release may also include new features and functionalities.

Examples of rolling release version numbers: 8.18.0, 8.19.0 ... 8.33.0

Long Term Support Release (LTS)

A Long Term Support Release will normally not have any new features added once it has been released. The primary focus for updates to an LTS release is to fix bugs and improve security. This model prioritizes stability over the delivery of new features. New features are typically introduced in the next LTS version.

  • An LTS release version is fully supported for at least two years from its release date.
  • New features or additional functionalities are not released during the lifetime of an LTS version.
  • Patch versions containing security and bug fixes are released frequently during the lifetime of the LTS version.
  • When a new LTS version becomes available, the old LTS version will be supported on a limited basis for an additional 12 months. The first 6 months of the limited support period will include major bug fixes and critical patches, while the remaining 6 months will only include security fixes.

Examples of LTS release version numbers (with patch version numbers): 8.34.0 (LTS), 8.34.1 (LTS) ... 8.34.42 (LTS)


Exasol 8 Product Life Cycle