Administration Tools

This section describes the system administration interfaces and tools that are available in Exasol.

Exasol Deployment Tool (c4)
Exasol Deployment Tool (c4) is a command line-tool that is used to create and manage Exasol deployments on all platforms. Through c4, you can also connect to the nodes in a cluster and run the administration tools confd_client and EXAsupport.
ConfD is a low-level API that allows you to carry out all administrative tasks on an Exasol cluster. You can access ConfD using the command-line tool confd_client which is available on all nodes.
Administration API
Exasol Administration API is a RESTful API built on top of ConfD, which allows you to carry out common administration tasks such as starting and stopping a database, adding database parameters, and managing backups, using RESTful commands through various programming languages and interfaces.
EXAsupport is a command-line tool that is used to create logs for troubleshooting. EXAsupport is available on all nodes in a cluster and can be accessed through c4.