Business Continuity

This section explains how to ensure business continuity with Exasol.

Business continuity encompasses the planning and readiness for serious incidents, disasters, or disruptions that could impact your business. The goals of a business continuity plan are to ensure that critical business functions can continue (for example, through redundancy) despite a disruption, and that data can be recovered in the case of system downtime.

Business continuity plans vary greatly based on the potential threats and the nature of your business, as well as on the requirements you have for recovery, such as how long a recovery of data from a backup should take, how much data may need to be restored, and so on.

Continuity plans for Exasol should be made in the context of your company’s enterprise-wide business continuity plan. For example, it does not help to have Exasol up and running within a specific period of time if connected systems might not be up and running. The plan for Exasol should just be one step in a bigger plan.

For more general information about the definition, scope and nature of business continuity planning, see Business continuity planning (Wikipedia).

This section covers the following topics: