Create Installation User

This section explains how to create a user for the installation of Exasol 8 on a Linux host.


To create the user, you must either be logged in as root or have sudo privileges on the host system.


In the following example, the installation user is created by a user with sudo privileges. If you are carrying out this operation as root, the sudo command should be omitted.

The name of the installation user can be set freely within the restrictions of the operating system. In this example, the installation user is called exasol.

  1. Create the user exasol and a home directory /home/user in a single operation:

    sudo adduser -m exasol
  2. Add the user to the sudoers group:

    sudo usermod -aG sudo exasol
  3. Assign a password for the user:

    sudo passwd exasol
  4. Log out (or create a new session) and log in as the user exasol.

  5. Verify that the user has sudo privileges using sudo whoami. The command should return root.

    sudo whoami
  6. You can now proceed to install Exasol 8 on the host.