Storage Jobs

The below jobs manage EXAStorage. For more information on these jobs, see the table below:

Job Name Description
st_device_add Add a new disk (device) to an existing node
st_device_clear_errors Clear device errors on a specified node and device
st_device_disable Disable a disk (device) on a specified node
st_device_enable Enable a disk (device) on a specified node
st_device_enlarge Enlarge a disk (device) on a specified node
st_device_info Return information about a disk identified by node ID and device name. An exception is thrown if the disk is not found.
st_device_modify Modify a disk (device) for a specified node
st_device_remove Remove a disk (device) on a given node This operation is only allowed if the disk is currently not in use.
st_get_partition_id Return the EXAStorage service partition ID
st_node_force_bg_recovery_limit_calibration Force background recovery throughput limit (re)calibration
st_node_get_link_speed Return the network link speed in MBit/s
st_node_list Return information about all storage nodes
st_node_restore Restore a node specified by node ID
st_node_resume Resume a suspended node specified by node ID
st_node_set_bg_recovery Enable/disable background recovery (data restoration)
st_node_set_bg_recovery_limit Set background recovery throughput limit
st_node_set_space_warn_threshold Set a new space warning threshold
st_node_stop_restore Stop restoration of a node specified by node ID
st_node_suspend Suspend a node specified by node ID
st_volume_add_label Add a label to a volume
st_volume_append_node Append nodes to a volume
st_volume_change_owner Change the owner (user/group) of a specified volume
st_volume_change_permissions Change permissions of an existing volume
st_volume_clear_data Clear data on one or more specified nodes
st_volume_create This job creates a new local volume and returns the volume ID. The type of volume (data or archive) depends on the 'type' parameter value.
st_volume_decrease_redundancy Decrease the redundancy of a volume
st_volume_delete Delete a volume and release the allocated space on every node and disk
st_volume_enlarge Enlarge an existing volume
st_volume_increase_redundancy Increase the redundancy of a volume
st_volume_info Return information about a volume given the ID or volume name.
st_volume_list Return a list of all volumes
st_volume_lock Lock a specified volume
st_volume_move_node Move nodes on a specified volume
st_volume_remove_label Remove a label from a specified volume
st_volume_set_forced_red_level Force operations to be directly read from/written to a specific redundancy level
st_volume_set_io_status Enable or disable application and internal I/O operations on a volume
st_volume_set_ports Change IP port numbers for a specified archive volume
st_volume_set_priority Change the priority for I/O operations on a volume
st_volume_set_shared Set/unset the 'shared' flag of a specified volume The 'shared' flag cannot be changed if the volume is currently opened by more than one user.
st_volume_unlock Unlock a specified volume