This job increases the redundancy of the given volume by the level specified with 'num_inc'.
The new redundancy segments will be created on the nodes specified with 'nodes'.
If no nodes have been given, the redundancy segments will be distributed throughout
the current nodes of the volume (if there is enough free space).

The number of nodes specified in the node list has to be a multiple of the number
of existing master nodes, which means that the nodes for a redundancy level have to be
either completely specified, or not at all.

If not enough nodes are given for all levels of redundancy, the remaining redundancy
levels are distributed throughout the nodes of the last specified level of redundancy.

Mandatory Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
vid integer ID of an existing volume
delta integer Level of redundancy by which the current redundancy should be increased.

Optional Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
vname string Name of an existing volume
nodes list Node IDs to be used for the new redundancy

Substitute Parameters

The below table describes what parameters can be substituted for another parameter.

Parameter Name Substitute Parameter
vid vname
vname vid

Allowed Users

The following users are allowed to run this job:

  • root

Allowed Groups

The following groups are allowed to run this job:

  • root
  • exastoradm
  • exaadm


The following code snippets show how to use this job using both Python (via XML-RPC) and on the command-line using confd_client.