This job sets a limit for the throughput of background restoration on the given node in MiB/s.
EXAStorage will try to reach the given throughput - which may not be possible due to
hardware limitation or heavy I/O load by the DB - but will never exceed it once it has found
the proper parameters. If the limit is set to 0, the threshold value will be determined
automatically by EXAStorage.

Mandatory Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
limit integer Throughpout limit in MiB/s (0 for automatic selection)
nid integer Node ID of the desired node (can be "all_nodes")

Optional Parameters

There are no optional parameters.

Substitute Parameters

There are no substitute parameters.

Allowed Users

The following users are allowed to run this job:

  • root

Allowed Groups

The following groups are allowed to run this job:

  • root
  • exastoradm
  • exaadm


The following code snippets show how to use this job using both Python (via XML-RPC) and on the command-line using confd_client.