This job will suspend the specified node if possible (see below for prerequisites).
When a node is suspended it will not be marked as offline, but I/O operations
are not possible and no volume can be created on that node.
All volumes that contain the suspended node will be locked to prevent any I/O operation.
A suspended node is in a special state that can only be left when the node is either
restarted or manually resumed. This can for example be used to restart a node
without recovering the data.
If a suspended node is shut down physically, it will not be replaced with another node
and will not be recovered after it has been restarted.
Suspending a node may be denied if:

  • the node is offline, or
  • the node has active copy-on-demand maps, or
  • a volume that contains the node is currently in use.

Mandatory Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
nid integer Node ID

Optional Parameters

There are no optional parameters.

Substitute Parameters

There are no substitute parameters.

Allowed Users

There are no defined allowed users.

Allowed Groups

The following groups are allowed to run this job:

  • root
  • exaadm
  • exadbadm


The following code snippets show how to use this job using both Python (via XML-RPC) and on the command-line using confd_client.