Force operations to be directly read from/written to a specific redundancy level

Mandatory Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
vid integer Volume ID
force_red_level integer Forced_red Level of redundancy that should be used for reading/writing. Level 1 selects the master segment. Example: it enables the 'normal' behaviour, including red. write operations and automatic recovery (copy-on-demand) for read operations. A higher level selects the corresponding redundancy segment.

Optional Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
vname string Name of an existing volume

Substitute Parameters

The below table describes what parameters can be substituted for another parameter.

Parameter Name Substitute Parameter
vid vname
vname vid

Allowed Users

There are no defined allowed users.

Allowed Groups

The following groups are allowed to run this job:

  • root


The following code snippets show how to use this job using both Python (via XML-RPC) and on the command-line using confd_client.