Release Notes

Exasol 6.2 brings significant features, performance improvements, number of optimizations, and bug fixes. To view the packages and details about the release, see the Downloads page.

Main Features

Feature Description
Virtual Schema: Pushdown of Joins

Increases the performance of typical uses cases involving joins based on Virtual Schemas by pushing down joins to remote data sources.

If a query contains joins of tables within a remote data source, the amount of data being transferred is reduced and the overall performance is improved.

New Analytical Functions implementation with full window support

Significantly increased performance of all analytical functions. The new implementation ensure that Exasol supports almost all the functionalities defined in the SQL 2016 standard.

Python 3 available as language for UDF and Adapter Scripts

The Python 3 language is supported for UDFs and Virtual Schema Adapter Scripts in Exasol.

Hide inaccessible schemas

A user can only access a schema or virtual schema if the user is owner or if the user has an object or system privilege.

ADO.NET: Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and SQL Server 2019

The visual studio extension delivered was called EXADDEX2017.vsix. It is renamed to EXAExtension.vsix. It now supports SQL Server Analysis Services 2017 and 2019.

Snapshot Mode for SQL Statements You can now run the metadata queries in snapshot mode.
JDBC 4.1 support Exasol now support JDBC 4.2 core APIs.