A Worksheet is a web-based SQL client where you can execute SQL queries on a cluster. The key features of Worksheets include:

  • The flexibility and ease of running SQL statements directly from the web console
  • Text auto-completion as you type
  • Auto-saved worksheets
  • Enabled auto-commit
  • The ability to access saved Worksheets from different browsers

You can only view and edit worksheets that you have created.


You can create a worksheet only if a database has been created and you have access to it.

Executing Queries

You can execute queries at the current cursor by clicking the Run button at the top right corner of the worksheet page, or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Enter on a Windows system or CMD + Enter on Mac OS. To run all queries in the worksheet, check the Run all box. For each SQL query, you will see a result tab. Click each result tab to view the results.

All queries are run with auto-commit enabled, meaning a COMMIT is performed immediately after each statement. Auto-commit cannot be disabled.

Importing data from a local CSV file using the IMPORT FROM LOCAL CSV FILE syntax is not supported.

Viewing a Schema

You can browse a schema and its tables to view such information as column names, users, roles, scripts, and more using the schema browser. To open the schema browser for the worksheet, click the More button.

To hide the schema browser, click the More button again. To refresh the schema browser, click the button.

Information in the schema browser is read-only and can not be changed using the SaaS web console.

Operations on Worksheets

The various operations you can perform using Worksheets include: