Data Migration

Exasol provides efficient ways to load or migrate data directly from a legacy system, to access it virtually on a legacy database, or to import it from cloud storage.

ExaLoader / Import Command

Use the IMPORT command to transfer data from external data sources into Exasol. Data can be imported directly into a table or returned as result set. Sources can be other databases, files, or scripts. To know more about it, see IMPORT.

Data Migration Scripts

Exasol provides you data migration scripts that you can use to migrate data in two phases. In the first phase, the table metadata is read from the source system and table definitions (DDL) are transformed for Exasol. In the second phase, the actual data is migrated into Exasol using ExaLoader. To know more about it, see Exasol's GitHub repository for Database Migration.

Virtual Schema

Exasol provides you virtual schema that makes external data sources accessible to Exasol without persistent data import. A virtual schema adapter reads schema metadata from the source system and makes these tables accessible in Exasol through regular SQL commands that are handed down to the source system for execution. To know more about it, see Exasol's GitHub repository for Virtual Schema.

Import Data from Cloud Storage

Exasol provides cloud-storage-etl-udfs to import data from external cloud storage file systems or Apache Kafka cluster into Exasol table. It also allows you to export data from Exasol to cloud storage file systems. To know more about this, see Exasol Public Cloud Storage ETL UDFs.