This system table contains all executed SQL statements without any reference to the executing user or detail SQL texts. Only those statements are considered which could be successfully compiled. All users have access to the table.

Column Name Description
SESSION_ID ID of the session
STMT_ID Serially numbered ID of statement within a session
COMMAND_NAME Name of the statement (for example, SELECT, COMMIT, or MERGE.)
COMMAND_CLASS Class of statement (for example, DQL, TRANSACTION, or DML.)
DURATION Duration of the statement in seconds
START_TIME Timestamp at the start point of the statement
STOP_TIME Timestamp at the stop point of the statement
CPU ​CPU usage as percentage of total system CPU resources available
TEMP_DB_RAM_PEAK Maximum usage of temporary DB memory of the query in MiB (cluster wide)
PERSISTENT_DB_RAM_PEAK Maximum usage of modified, persistent DB memory of the query in MiB (cluster wide)
HDD_READ Maximum hard disk read ratio in MiB per second (per node, averaged over the last measure interval).

If this value is larger than 0, then data had to be loaded into the main memory.


Maximum hard disk write ratio in MiB per second (per node, averaged over the last measure interval)

This column reflects only the data written during a COMMIT. For other statements its value is NULL.

NET Maximum network traffic ratio in MiB per second (sum of send/receive, per node, averaged over the last measure interval)
SUCCESS Result of the statement:
  • TRUE: Statement was executed successfully
  • FALSE: Statement failed (for example, with a data exception)
ERROR_CODE Error code if the statement failed
ERROR_TEXT Error text if the statement failed
PRIORITY Priority group at query start
NICE NICE attribute
RESOURCES Share of the CPU allocated to this query, expressed in percentage. This depends on factors such as number of queries running in parallel and consumer groups
ROW_COUNT Number of result rows for queries, or number of affected rows for DML and DDL statements

The following execution modes are supported:

  • EXECUTE: Normal execution of statements
  • PREPARE: Prepared phase for prepared statements
  • CACHED: Cached query results
  • PREPROCESS: Execution of the Preprocessor script
  • CRASHED: Marks the crashed queries (coredumps, segfaults, and so on)