The system table provides complete information on all of the users known to the system. Only users with the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY system privilege have access to the table.

Column Name Description
USER_NAME Name of the user
CREATED Time when the user was created
DISTINGUISHED_NAME For the authorization against a LDAPClosed Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (authentication service) server
KERBEROS_PRINCIPAL Kerberos principal
PASSWORD Encoded hash value of the password
USER_PRIORITY Priority of the user
PASSWORD_STATE_CHANGED Timestamp when the password state has changed, either by password change or by password expiry
PASSWORD_EXPIRY Timestamp when the password will expire or has been expired (if NULL, the password will never expire)
PASSWORD_EXPIRY_DAYS Number of days after which the user password expires after the last password change (if NULL, the password will never expire)
PASSWORD_GRACE_DAYS Number of days within the user has to change the password after it has expired (if NULL, there is no grace period and the user will directly be blocked from login after the expiry)
PASSWORD_EXPIRY_POLICY User-specific expiry policy as specified via ALTER USER command, overwriting the corresponding global system parameter
FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS Number of failed login attempts by the user since last successful login
USER_COMMENT Comment on the user