This section describes how to connect Alteryx to Exasol.


Following environment is used as an example:

  • Alteryx Designer trial version
  • Windows Operating System


  • Exasol should be installed and running on your system reachable through a public network.
  • Alteryx should be installed on your system.
  • ODBC Driver should be installed. You can download the ODBC Driver from Exasol Download page. For more information about ODBC Driver, see ODBC Driver.


  1. Launch Alteryx application and select In-Database ribbon.

    The ribbon is not visible if the ODBC driver is not installed.

  2. Drag Connect In-Database from the ribbon to a new work flow.
  3. Select Manage Connections from the drop-down in Connection Name.

    Connect Alteryx to Exasol

  4. Do the following in the Manage In-DB Connections dialog:
    1. Select Exasol in the Data Source drop-down.
    2. Click New in the Connection section to define new database connection.
    3. Select New database connection in the Connection String drop-down.

    Connect Alteryx to Exasol

  5. Click ODBC Admin button on the Exasol Connection dialog.
  6. Click Add button in the User DSN tab of the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog.

    Connect Alteryx to Exasol

  7. Select EXASolution Driver in Create New Data Source and then click Finish.

    Connect ALteryx to Exasol

  8. Do the following in the Exasol ODBC configuration dialog and then click OK:
    1. Enter data source name.
    2. Enter a connection string.
    3. Enter database username and password.

    Connect ALteryx to Exasol

    Exasol database is connected to Alteryx.

Next Step

After connecting Alteryx to Exasol, you can start loading data into the Exasol database. For more information, see Loading Data.

Further Information

For more information about Alteryx, see Alteryx Documentation.