EXACluster Debug Information

From the EXACluster Debug Information page, you can enable and download the following debug information:

  • Cluster logs / Coredumps
  • Process Backtraces
  • Node(s)
  • EXASolution Logs

These logs would be required when you need contact support to investigate or troubleshoot an issues.

To get debug information, go to Services > Support:

You can select the following for the report:

  • Cluster Logs and Process Backtrace information
  • Nodes to report on
  • The start and end date. Only cluster logs and process backtraces occurring during this time period will be written to the output file

You can either download the log files to your local machine (Download Debug Information), or to a remote location (Store Debug Information into Archive Volume).

To get an estimate of the size of the log files based on your selected criteria, click Estimate uncompressed size (MiB).

Additionally, when you lick the Get cluster information option, a text window opens which provides the details about your cluster. Copy the contents in this text window and attach to the support email or to the support ticket.

When you need to contact support, you need to provide the support team certain information or log files. The Get Debug Information for Support section provides you with details on the information you need to submit to the support team.