Actions on Nodes

You can perform specific actions on a node by doing the following:

  1. In EXAoperation, go to Configuration > Node.
  2. Select the node or nodes you want to perform the action on.
  3. Select an option from the Actions ... drop down list.
  4. Click Execute.

The actions you can perform on a node can be categorized as IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) commands, operating system commands, boot commands and cluster service commands.

Actions should only be done in conjunction with other tasks. For example, before you shut down a node, you need to ensure that databases using the nodes are stopped first. Refer to the Stop and Start Nodes for additional information.

IPMI Commands

If there is an IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) and Exasol is configured to use it, you can send the following IPMI commands to the data nodes:

  • Toggle ID LED - toggles the LED of the node on or off.
  • Startup - starts the node. Note that any flags associated with the node (for example, 'install' or 'wipe') will be executed upon startup of the node.
  • Reset - resets the node.
  • Power Off - powers down the node immediately.

Operating System Actions

You can send the following shell commands to the data nodes

  • Reboot - reboots the node.
  • Shutdown - shuts down the node.

Boot Actions

You can control the boot behavior of the next boot of the nodes.

You should use these options with caution, as data loss may occur depending on the option selected.

  • Set install flag - the node will be installed. Note that existing data on the node will be deleted.
  • Set active flag - the node will be set to active.
  • Set wipe flag - all data on the node will be irrevocably deleted.
  • Apply default disk layout - the default disk layout will be assigned to the node.
  • Force Filesystem check - force a file system check.
  • Force no Filesystem check - prevent a file system check.

Cluster Service Actions

You can start or stop cluster services (EXAClusterOS) on the data nodes.

  • Stop cluster services - stops the cluster services and the state/op. is set to Suspended Active.
  • Start cluster services - starts the cluster services and the state/op. is set to Running Active.