Activate License

The license you purchase with Exasol determines the maximum database RAM you can assign to a database instance, and grants you access to all features (such as the ability to create User Defined Functions in various languages, or specific data analysis algorithms).

You receive your license(s) as a separate file. To activate the license, you need to upload this license file to EXAoperation.

Follow these step to upload and activate your license file:

  1. Go to Configuration > Software.
  2. In the License tab, click Choose File...

    Activate Exasol license

  3. Browse for the license file, select it and then click Upload.
  4. Next, to activate the license file, you need to stop and start the database. For more information, refer to the Start/Stop a Database section.
  5. Restarting the database by clicking the Restart button will not activate the license file. You need to stop and start the database.

To view all the current licenses, select Configuration > Software and then License tab.