Configure Access Management

After you Install the License Node, you can configure the access management (users, roles, and passwords ) from the EXAoperation interface (configuration options are available in Configuration > Access Management)

Configuration Procedure

Do the following to configure the access management:

  1. Enter the IP address of the license node in your web browser to launch the EXAoperation user interface.
  2. Login as an admin user. The default values are: username admin and password admin.

    For security purposes, it is highly recommended that you change the password for the default Administrator user during the installation process. If you have not done that, you can change the password from the EXAoperation, see Add, Edit, and Delete Users.

  3. Perform the following tasks:

Key Store

EXAoperation provides an option to use a key store (Hardware Security Module). To use a Key Store, you need 3rd Party software installation on the nodes. Contact Exasol support if you want to use this feature.

Next Step

Configure the Cluster Network