Change Instance (Scale-up / Scale-down)

This section describes how to change the instance type and instance family for your Exasol installation on AWS using the Cloud Plug-in. To know more about the plug-in see Cloud UI Back-end Plug-in.

Changing instance has a system down time of at least 15-20 minutes. The database and EXAStorage is restarted automatically.

Change Instance Using Cloud Plug-in User Interface

Do the following to change the instance type or instance family:

  1. Enter the following URL to open the Cloud UI tool in your browser.
    https://<license node IP>:8835
  2. Log in to the interface using EXAoperation administrator credentials.
  3. In section Scale Up/Down (change instance model), do the following:
    1. Select Instance Family Purpose from the drop-down. You can choose: General Purpose, Compute Optimized, or Memory Optimized.
    2. Select the new instance model from the drop-down.

  4. Review the changes between the current and the new value. The summary of changes are shown here including the cost.
  5. Click APPLY.
  6. On the confirmation screen, click EXECUTE.

Change Instance Using Command-line Tools

You can run the commands locally or from a remote system through XML RPC. The prerequisites to run the commands are:

  • EXAoperation needs direct access to the relevant GCP services.
  • The Compute Engine services should be reachable and the management node needs the correct IAM permission.
  • Download the python scripts required to run commands remotely.

Change Instance from License Node

Run the following command to change the instance type / family from the License node.

/opt/ui-backend/ -
'{"method":"change_instance_type","value":"<instance type/name>","memory":"<memory size>","credentials":"'
$(echo -n 'admin:EXAOPERATION_PASSWORD' | base64)'"}'

In the above command, the instance type of all database nodes is changed to new type. The physical RAM size of the new instance type has to be specified, as the overall amount of main memory used by the database (DBRam) is automatically adjusted.

Change Instance Remotely

Run the following command to change the instance type / family remotely.

python --dns_management_node '<IP Address>' --exaoperation_password 'exaoperation_password' 
--instance_type '<instance type/name>' --memory '<memory size>'