Upgrade from Exasol 6.0.x to Exasol 6.2

Exasol 6.2 brings in many new features and enhancements that are not available in Exasol 6.0.x release. To get these benefits, you have to upgrade to Exasol 6.2.

It is not possible to upgrade directly from Exasol 6.0.x to Exasol 6.2.x. It needs a new deployment of Exasol 6.1.x and then an update to Exasol 6.2.x.

Do the following to upgrade your Exasol instance from 6.0.x to Exasol 6.2:

Step 1: System Backup

Take a full system backup of your system. To know about how to back up the data, see Create Backup Schedule

Step 2: Deploy Exasol 6.1

  1. Subscribe to Exasol Analytics Database (Enterprise Support, PAYG) on Azure Marketplace to enable the product version selection.
  2. Select a package from Exasol 6.1.x version.
  3. Click Continue to Launch to start the deployment. For more information, see Installing Exasol on Azure .
  4. Launch EXAoperation after deployment is complete.

Step 3: Restore Data

Restore your backed up data from Exasol 6.0.x to the new instance by following the procedure given in Restore Database Instance from Backup.

Step 4: Update to 6.2

Upgrade from Exasol 6.1/Exasol 6.1.x to the latest version of Exasol 6.2 is an application update. It involves the following steps:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Exasol 6.1.x - Download the latest software package for Exasol 6.1 from the Exasol Download page, and upgrade to Exasol 6.1.x.
  2. Upgrade to Exasol 6.2.x - Download the latest software package for Exasol 6.2.x from the Exasol Download page, and perform the upgrade.
  3. Apply the necessary security patch.

The procedure to upgrade to Exasol 6.2.x, and to apply the security patch is the same. For detailed instructions, refer to Updates, Security Patches, and Bugfixes.

Optional Step: Python 3 as UDF Language

If you want to use Python 3 as a language for your UDF's, then run the following statement to add the script language after the upgrade is complete.

ALTER SYSTEM SCRIPT_LANGUAGES = 'PYTHON=builtin_python R=builtin_r JAVA=builtin_java PYTHON3=builtin_python3'

If you are using custom script language containers, you need to modify the existing value for SCRIPT_LANGUAGES in EXA_PARAMETERS and add PYTHON3=builtin_python3 at the end.