Stop and Start Storage Services

Many tasks, such as adding nodes to a cluster or stopping a cluster, require you to start and stop the storage service.

Stop Storage Services

  1. First check for running operations. In EXAoperation, go to Services > EXAStorage. The Recovery field should be 'n/a' for all volumes.
  2. If you stop the storage while operations are running, these operations will be aborted. It is recommended to wait until all running operations have completed before stopping the database.

  3. Once you have confirmed the status of the Recovery field, click Shutdown Storage Service.
  4. The storage service will be shut down, and the EXAStorage screen looks as follows:

Start Storage Services

Before continuing, ensure that all nodes have a state of Running (Configuration > Nodes). If any of the nodes has a state of Offline, the data on these nodes will be deleted and the system will attempt to recover the data from other nodes when the storage is started.

  1. In EXAoperation, go to Services > EXAStorage. When the storage service is not running, the screen looks as follows:
  2. Click Startup Storage Service. The storage service starts up and the screen looks like this after a few minutes: