Access Files in BucketFS

You can access the buckets and the files in a bucket by either using an HTTP(s) client or using BucketFS Explorer.

HTTP Access to BucketFS

From outside the cluster, it is possible to access the buckets and the files contained in it through HTTP(s) clients such as curl™. You only have to use one of the database servers' IP address, the specified port and the bucket name, and adjust your internal firewall configuration.

For accessing a bucket through HTTP(s), and for accessing buckets that not public readable, you must have the user's r - read user and w- writer user passwords configured.

List Buckets

Using curl, you can list all the existing buckets in the database. The following example shows you how to list existing buckets. The parameters in the example are the read password (readpw) for the user, the database server IP address (, and the port number (1234) for BucketFS.

$> curl http://r:readpw@

Add and View Files to Buckets

You can add files into BucketFS using the PUT option. The following examples shows how to upload the files - file1 and tar1.tgz into the bucket - bucket1, and display the list of contained files in this bucket. The relevant parameters for our example are the port of the BucketFS (1234), the name of the bucket (bucket1) and the passwords (readpw and writepw).

$> curl -X PUT -T file1 http://w:writepw@
$> curl -X PUT -T tar1.tgz \
$> curl http://r:readpw@

Additionally, you can also use the GET option to view the contents of the file available in a bucket.

$> curl -X GET http://w:writepw@

Delete Files from Buckets

You can delete files that are no longer needed by using the DELETE option. The following example shows how to delete file1 from the bucket. The relevant parameters for our example are the port of the BucketFS (1234), the name of the bucket (bucket1) and the passwords (writepw).

curl -X DELETE http://w:writepw@

BucketFS Explorer

This is a graphical tool, using which you can browse and manage buckets and files in buckets. This tool is written in Java and can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can access the BucketFS Explorer from our GitHub repository.

Using this tool you can:

  • Create / Delete / Modify BucketFS services
  • Create / Delete / Modify buckets
  • List files of a bucket
  • Upload / Download / Delete files
  • Display additional metadata (for example, size of a bucket, path to refer to bucket in a UDF)
  • Drag and Drop files from your local file system

For information on how to use this tool, refer to the Getting Started section in the GitHub repository.