Exasol is easily integrated with Tableau and provides Tableau customers the power to visualize and analyze very large live data. Tableau has a native connector to Exasol which makes it easy for you to establish a connection.

This topic provides you with information on how to connect Tableau to Exasol.

For more information on creating content on Tableau, refer to the training videos on Tableau.


  • Tableau Installation.
  • Download the latest Exasol ODBC driver.
  • A running Exasol SaaS database. For more information, see Manage Databases and Clusters.
  • The IP address of the client or server where the tool is running must be listed in the allowed IP address list. For more information, see Network Security.

Get Drivers and Connection Details

Before you can proceed with connecting to your database from a tool, you need to download the latest Exasol ODBC driver and get the connection string. Follow these steps to get your connection details: 

  1. Click Databases Databases in the web console to open the Databases page.
  2. Click More on the cluster you want to connect to and then click Connect via tools.
  3. In the Connect to cluster wizard, enter the IP address of the client or server which will connect to the database and click Add IP. Then click Next. If the IP address was already added, just click Next.
  4. If not already installed, download the latest ODBC driver for your operating system and install it.
  5. Installing the latest ODBC driver requires you to uninstall a previous version of the Exasol ODBC Driver. After installation, the ODBC driver will be used for all Exasol ODBC connections from your local machine. The ODBC driver is backwards compatible and will work with any existing database connections.

  6. Click Next and proceed through the wizard until you see your connection details:
  7. Copy the HOST, PORT, USERNAME, and PASSWORD. You can generate a new Personal Access Token by clicking Generate. You will need this information to connect to your database.

Connect Tableau to Exasol

Follow these steps to connect tableau to Exasol database: 

  1. Start Tableau, in the left side menu on the Tableau Desktop, under To a Server select More.
  2. From the list select Exasol.
  3. In the dialog box, enter the connection information you copied in the Get Drivers and Connection Details procedure
    • Server: Enter the Host string you copied from the web console.
    • Port: The default port is 8563.
    • Username: Enter the user name you copied from the web console.
    • Password: Enter the Personal Access Token you copied from the web console.
    • Click Sign In.
  4. On the Data Source screen, select your Schema from the drop-down list.
  5. Under Table, drag and drop the desired table to the right side of the screen. Once you have all the required tables, you can create worksheets and dashboards.
  6. Note: We recommend you to keep a live connection to the database and avoid creating any extracts.

  7. To create a new worksheet and start your analysis, click Sheet 2.