Enable Auditing

This page explains how to enable auditing for a database.

The auditing function in Exasol captures details for every session and every executed SQL statement. Auditing is enabled by default on a new database. For more information, see Auditing.

This procedure is carried out using ConfD.


The database must be stopped. For more information, see Stop a Database.


The following examples use the command-line tool confd_client in a Linux terminal connected to a database node. For more information about how to use this tool, see ConfD.

  1. To find the name of the database, use the ConfD job db_list. For example:

    confd_client -c db_list
    - Exasol
  2. To enable auditing, use the ConfD job db_configure and set enable_auditing to true. For example:

    confd_client -c db_configure -a '{db_name: Exasol, enable_auditing: true}'
  3. Start the database. For more information, see Start a Database.


To verify that the database is configured with the new properties, use the ConfD job db_info. For example:

confd_client -c db_info -a 'db_name: Exasol'

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