Install c4

This section explains how to install Exasol Deployment Tool (c4).


We recommend that you install Exasol Deployment Tool (c4) on one of the following Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

For additional information about system requirements when installing Exasol 8 on hardware, see System Requirements.

Download and Install c4

Download using a browser

  1. Download the c4 binary from the Exasol Download Portal to the home directory of the user that will run the installation.

  2. In the directory where you downloaded c4, run the following command to make c4 executable for all users:

    chmod +x c4

    If you download c4 from the Download Portal you must use chmod +x c4 to make c4 executable for all users, otherwise the application will not be able to run the installation.

Download using Linux command line

To download the latest version of c4 using the command line, run the following command in a Linux terminal. This command will download the binary and set the necessary permissions in a single operation. The -O option will overwrite any existing version of the c4 executable in the same directory.

wget -O c4 && chmod +x c4

Update c4

To update c4, perform the installation procedure again as described above, overwriting the existing version. There is no separate update procedure. Configuration files will be left unaltered.

Verify Installation

To verify that c4 has been correctly installed and is accessible, use c4 --version or c4 -v.

$ c4 --version
c4 version 0.4.12


To get general help for c4, use c4 --help. To get help for a specific command, use c4 <command> --help.