Add Worksheets

This section explains how to add worksheets in Exasol SaaS.

Create a new worksheet

You can create a new worksheet in two ways: 

From the Worksheets page

  1. On the Worksheets page in the web console, click on Add worksheet.

    add worksheet button

  2. In the Create worksheet dialog that opens, select the desired database and cluster and give the worksheet a descriptive name. You can rename the worksheet later if needed.

    new worksheeet dialog

  3. Your new worksheet will open.

From a cluster

You can create a new worksheet directly from a cluster:

On the Databases page, click on More on the desired cluster and select Run SQL from the dropdown menu.

run sql query

A worksheet with the same name as the cluster will open. \

Test the new worksheet

Each new worksheet will open with a sample query. To test the worksheet, put the cursor in the query and click on Run. For more information, see Run SQL Queries in Worksheets.

new worksheet

Duplicate a worksheet

You can create a new worksheet by duplicating an existing worksheet. This will copy the settings and all saved SQL from the existing worksheet into a new worksheet.

  1. On the Worksheets page, click on More on the worksheet you want to copy and select Duplicate.

    duplicate worksheet

  2. Enter a name for the new worksheet and click Duplicate, or click Close to cancel the operation.

    worksheet duplicate dialog