Pyramid Analytics OS

Pyramid is an Analytics Platform that connects your teams and drives the decision making workflows. This section provides you with information on how to connect Pyramid Analytics OS to your Exasol database.


  • A PRO user account for Pyramid Analytics OS.
  • A running Exasol SaaS database. For more information, see Manage Databases and Clusters.
  • The IP address of the client or server where the tool is running must be listed in the allowed IP address list. For more information, see Network Security.

Connect Pyramid Analytics OS to Exasol

Do the following to connect to Exasol database in Pyramid Analytics OS:

  1. Launch Pyramid Analytics OS in a web browser as PRO user.
  2. On the home screen, select Model.

  3. On the Data Modeling page, select Model Pro.

  4. Select Exasol from the available source connectors and drag it onto the open Data Flow pane.

  5. Click Exasol in the Data Flow pane to open the connector properties option and then click Add Server icon.

  6. Specify the following details for the connection and click Test to verify the connection:
    • Display Name: The name of the Exasol database that will be displayed in as source database.
    • Server IP Address: IP address of the Exasol database.
    • Port: Port for the Exasol database.
    • User: Name of the database user.
    • Password: Password of the database user.
    • Optional Parameters: If Exasol database has any parameters required for the connection, specify them here. This is an optional field.
  7. Click Save to complete the connection settings.
  8. Select the Direct Query Data Source checkbox in the Properties pane.

    It improves the performance of the queries you run. Selecting this checkbox allows Pyramid Analytics OS to automatically translate all queries and calculations in SQL queries for Exasol to execute in the database itself. Therefore, it doesn't require the transfer of raw data over the network.

Further Information

For more information about Pyramid Analytics OS, see Pyramid v2020 - Analytics for Everyone.