Other Jobs

The below jobs can be to perform an action used for system administration that is otherwise uncategorized. For more information on these jobs, see the table below:

Job Name Description
affinity_reset This job resets affinities of nodes after the exainit script has run, and selects a new master node if necessary
cert_update This job uploads a new TLS certificate which is only used for the given database. This certificate is used after the next database restart.
conn_get_remote_nid Return the physical node ID This job determines the physical node ID (root node ID) of the calling process.
debug_collect This job retuns log events about debug information that fits the search parameter values.
general_settings This job changes EXAConf file settings that do not need a parent job.
log_collect This job retuns log events that fit the search paramater values.
master_change This job selects a new master node from a list of nodes. Do not execute other jobs until this operation is done.
settings_list The job lists current settings in the EXAConf file, a specific section in the file, or a specific subsection.
update_system Handle update operations for the COS cluster.