Node Jobs

The below jobs manage the nodes that are a part of the database. For more information on these jobs, see the table below:

Job Name Description
node_add This job adds a new node to the database.
node_add_batch This job adds new nodes that are defined in a list.
node_clone_batch This job adds new nodes by cloning an existing node that is used as a template.
node_info This job shows extended node information for a single node.
node_ip_batch This job changes the IP addresses in a list of nodes.
node_list This job lists all the nodes in the current configuration. Options with empty values are omitted.
node_remove This job removes one or more nodes from the cluster. The node cannot be part of an EXAStorage volume or a database unless the "force" flag is set. If the node is in a suspended state, the job will fail.
node_resume This job will resume one or more suspended nodes.
node_state This job shows the current state of all nodes.
node_suspend This job suspends one or more nodes.
node_wait_ready This job waits for the given nodes to finish booting and be ready to accept requests. It returns a list of ready nodes (may be empty in case of errors).
nodes_terminate This job stops all Exasol processes on the given nodes. The nodes remain up and running.