This system table contains system events like startup or shutdown of the DBMS. All users have access to the table.

Column Name Description
CLUSTER_NAME Name of the cluster
MEASURE_TIME Time of the event
EVENT_TYPE Type of the event:
  • BACKUP_END: End of a backup job
  • BACKUP_START: Start of a backup job
  • DATABASE_SNAPSHOT_END: Time when database snapshot backup job finished
  • DATABASE_SNAPSHOT_START: Time when database snapshot backup job started
  • DATABASE_SNAPSHOT_RESTORE_END: Time when restore from database snapshot finished
  • DATABASE_SNAPSHOT_RESTORE_START: Time when restore from database snapshot started
  • FAILSAFETY: Node failure with possible automatic DBMS restart using a stand by node
  • FULL_DISK_PREVENTION: Prevention of full data volume by terminating the session with the highest DB memory allocation
  • LICENSE_EXCEEDED: License limit exceeded (databases reject inserting statements)
  • LICENSE_EXPIRED: License has expired (databases reject inserting statements)

  • LICENSE_OK: License has not expired and limit is not exceeded (databases allow inserting statements)
  • RECOVERY_END: End of the data restore process (at this point the full redundancy level of the cluster is re-established)
  • RECOVERY_START: Start of the data restore process
  • RESTORE_END: End of a restore job
  • RESTORE_START: Start of a restore job
  • RESTART: Restart of the DBMS due to a failure
  • SHUTDOWN: DBMS was stopped
  • SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: Size limit exceeded (database rejects inserting statements)
  • SIZE_LIMIT_OK: Size limit not exceeded (database allows inserting statements)
  • STARTUP: DBMS was started and logins are now possible
NODES Number of cluster nodes
DB_RAM_SIZE Used DB RAM license in GiB
PARAMETERS Parameters for the DBMS
VCPU Total number of virtual CPUs used by the Exasol cluster