This system table contains complete information on open sessions of the current user. Among other things the most recent SQL statement is shown. All users have access to the table.

Column Name Description
SESSION_ID Id of the session
USER_NAME Name of the logged-in user
EFFECTIVE_USER Effective user of the session (changeable via IMPERSONATE)

Current status of the session. The most important of these are:

  • IDLE: Client is connected but not taking any action.
  • EXECUTE SQL: Execution of one single SQL statement.
  • EXECUTE BATCH: Execution of a series of SQL statements.
  • PREPARE SQL: Entry of a prepared statement.
  • EXECUTE PREPARED: Execution of a prepared statement.
  • FETCH DATA: Client reads results.
  • QUEUED: Client is queued because too many parallel queries are executed.
  • COMMIT STMT TIMEOUT: Commit aborted due to query timeout.
  • STMT TIMEOUT: Statement aborted due to query timeout.
COMMAND_NAME Name of the statement (for example, SELECT, COMMIT, MERGE)
STMT_ID Serially numbered id of statement within a session
DURATION Duration of the current statement in seconds
ACTIVITY Current activity of the SQL
TEMP_DB_RAM Current temporary database memory usage in MiBClosed Mebibyte = 1.048.576 Bytes (cluster wide)
PERSISTENT_DB_RAM Current modified, persistent database memory usage in MiBClosed Mebibyte = 1.048.576 Bytes (cluster wide)
LOGIN_TIME Time of login
CLIENT Client application used by the user
DRIVER Used driver
ENCRYPTED Flag whether the connection is encrypted
HOST Computer name or IP address from which the user has logged-in
OS_USER User name under which the user logged into the operating system of the computer from which the login came
OS_NAME Operating system of the client
SCOPE_SCHEMA Schema that was explicitly opened by means of a connection parameter or OPEN SCHEMA command
CONSUMER_GROUP Current consumer group
NICE NICE attribute
RESOURCES Allocated resources in percent
CLUSTER_NAME Name of the cluster on which the session is currently running
SQL_TEXT SQL text of the statement