This system table contains information on all system table columns. All users have access to this table.

Column Name Description
COLUMN_SCHEMA Associated schema
COLUMN_TABLE Associated table
COLUMN_OBJECT_TYPE Associated object type
COLUMN_NAME Name of column
COLUMN_TYPE Data type of column
COLUMN_TYPE_ID ID of data type
COLUMN_MAXSIZE Maximum number of characters for strings
COLUMN_NUM_PREC Precision for numeric values
COLUMN_NUM_SCALE Scale for numeric values
COLUMN_ORDINAL_POSITION Position of the column in the table beginning at 1
COLUMN_IS_VIRTUAL States whether the column is part of a virtual table
COLUMN_IS_NULLABLE States whether NULL values are allowed (TRUE or FALSE). In case of views this value is always NULL.
COLUMN_IS_DISTRIBUTION_KEY States whether the column is part of the distribution key (TRUE or FALSE)
COLUMN_PARTITION_KEY_ORDINAL_POSITION Position of the column in table's composite partition key beginning at 1 or NULL for columns which are not part of it
COLUMN_DEFAULT Default value of the column
COLUMN_IDENTITY Current value of the identity number generator, if this column has the identity attribute.
COLUMN_OWNER Owner of the associated object
COLUMN_OBJECT_ID ID of the column
STATUS Status of the object
COLUMN_COMMENT Comment on the column