This table lists all the direct and indirect dependencies between schema objects (thus recursive). Only users with the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY system privilege have access to the table.

- Dependencies between scripts cannot be determined. Views are not shown if underlying objects have been changed, and the view has not been accessed yet.
- All database objects are read when accessing this system table.

Column Name Description
OBJECT_SCHEMA Schema of object
OBJECT_NAME Name of object
OBJECT_TYPE Type of object
OBJECT_OWNER Owner of the object
OBJECT_ID ID of the object
REFERENCED_OBJECT_SCHEMA Schema of the referenced object
REFERENCED_OBJECT_NAME Name of the referenced object
REFERENCED_OBJECT_TYPE Type of the referenced object
REFERENCED_OBJECT_OWNER Owner of the referenced object
REFERENCED_OBJECT_ID ID of the referenced object
DEPENDENCY_LEVEL Hierarchy level in the dependency graph