Migration Guides

A data warehouse migration is a significant challenge for companies to master. Executing a smooth data warehouse migration requires a thorough understanding of the requirements, tasks, possible challenges, risks, and creating a clear migration plan. At a high-level, your migration plan should include the data warehouse migration process, the various stages, and the various associated tasks within each stage.

This guide provides you with all the information you need to execute a data warehouse migration project.

Process Overview

A data warehouse migration project consists of three main phases: Preparation, Execution, and Go-Live. Each phase consists of various actions that you need to perform to carry out the data warehouse migration.

Process Overview

The preparation phase is where you define your migration team strategy, create an overview of your legacy data warehouse and its environment, and plan and prioritize the different iterations.
In this phase you create the required schemas, tables, users, etc. in Exasol, and then load data, translate processes, and perform migration testing to validate and verify data completeness and accuracy.
In the final phase you perform additional testing on the data, compare the data between the two data warehouses, and decommission the legacy warehouse.

Available Migration Guides

The following migration guides are available:

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