Details for Programming Languages

Exasol currently supports the following programming languages for UDFs:

Exasol provides you with an option to control the number of UDF instances per UDF Call per Node to avoid query out-of-memory situations. It is applicable for Java, Python, and R languages. For more information, see UDF Instance Limit per Node and UDF Call

For all script languages it is possible to set environment variables for the script execution. The corresponding syntax is %env <variable>=<value>, and one use case is to set the search path for making certain libraries accessible that are stored in BucketFS (see details below).
Example: %env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/buckets/bfsdefault/hadoop_libs/native_lib

Python 2 has reached end of life and is no longer supported in Exasol. We recommend that you use Python 3 in all UDFs.