ODBC Driver for macOS (64-bit)

The Exasol ODBC driver for macOS is tested on the following systems:

  • macOS Big Sur (11.6.1)
  • macOS Monterey (12.0.1)

Download and Install the ODBC Driver

  1. Download the driver for your Exasol version and operating system from the Exasol Download Portal.

    Exasol currently does not provide specific drivers for Exasol 8. The latest drivers for Exasol 7.1.x are fully compatible with Exasol 8.

  2. Double-click on the downloaded .dmg file to unpack the package.
  3. Double-click on Click to Install and follow the installation wizard.


Each driver package includes the latest version of the license for the driver. The license allows you to bundle the driver with third-party software, for example when creating plugins for a BI tool. For more details, refer to the license file which is located in the folder where the driver was installed.

Configure ODBC Driver and Data Sources

The installation wizard will generate an odbc.ini configuration file in the ODBC installation directory. Additional configuration can be done using a third-party ODBC configuration tool such as ODBC Manager or by editing the configuration file in a text editor.