Data Virtuality Pipes

This sections explains how to connect your Exasol SaaS database to Data Virtuality Pipes.

Data Virtuality Pipes is a third party self-service data integration solution that lets you integrate data from Exasol SaaS into a data warehouse. You can set up the integration with Data Virtuality Pipes directly from the web console.

For more information about Data Virtuality Pipes, refer to the Pipes homepage and documentation.


A running Exasol SaaS database.

Connect to Pipes

  1. On the Databases page in the web console, select Connect to Data Virtuality Pipes from the database dropdown menu.

    connect to pipes

  2. Check the two checkboxes in the dialog window, then click on Begin Integration.

    pipes wizard

  3. Click on Sign Up To Complete. You will be redirected to the Data Virtuality Pipes website.

    pipes wizard

  4. Follow the wizard on the Data Virtuality Pipes website to sign up and connect your database.

    pipes wizard

    The connection wizard automatically adds a rule in the Exasol SaaS network security settings to allow Data Virtuality Pipes to access your database.

    If you experience problems with the connection, check your Pipes environment for information about the IP adress to use, then make sure that this address is added to the allow list on the Security page in the web console. For more information, see Network Security.

  5. On the Databases page, the database dropdown menu should now show that your database is connected to Data Virtuality Pipes.

    connected to pipes