File Management

This section explains how to use the web console to upload and manage files that can be used in UDFs on your Exasol SaaS database.

You can also upload and manage files using the REST API. For more information, see REST API.

Upload File

  1. On the Databases page in the web console, open the database dropdown menu and select Manage UDF Files.

    dropdown menu

  2. On the File Management page, click on Upload files

    file management

  3. Drag and drop the files that you want to upload into the browser window, or click on Browse to select the files in your local file system, then click on Upload to start the upload process. You can select multiple files and upload them in a single operation.

    upload file

    When the files have ben uploaded they will be visible in the file manager.

    file uploaded

  4. You can create a folder structure to organize your files. To create an empty folder, click on Add folder. Give the folder a name, then click on Create folder. The maximum length of the folder name is 50 characters.

    create folder

    file management with folder

Delete File or Folder

To delete a file or folder from the file system in your database, do the following:

  1. On the Databases page in the web console, open the database dropdown menu and select Manage UDF Files.

  2. On the row for the file or folder, click on the dropdown menu and select Delete file.

    delete file

  3. Click on Delete to confirm, or click on Close to cancel the operation.

    confirm file deletion

    Deleting a folder will also delete all the files inside that folder.

Sync Files

When you add or delete files or folders using the web console, the file list will be updated immediately. If you add or delete files through the REST API, the changes will not be immediately visible in the web console.

In this example. the folder my_rest_folder was created using the REST API. To refresh the file list in the web console, click on Sync Files.

sync files

After syncing files, the folder my_rest_folder is shown in the web console.

added files

For more information about how to add files and folders using the REST API, see REST API.

Copy Path

To copy the full path to a file or folder to your clipboard, click on Copy UDF path.

copy path

Find Files

To locate any file or folder in the file system, type into the search field. The file manager will immediately locate all files and folders with names that match the string that you have typed.

find files