Delete Database

This section explains how to delete an Exasol SaaS database.

Deleting the database will permanently delete all data in the database, including any backups. This operation cannot be undone.


You must be logged in as a user with the Owner role.


  1. On the Databases page, click on More for the database you want to delete and select Delete database from the dropdown menu.

    This command is in the dropdown menu on the database row, not the cluster row.

    Deleting a database also deletes all the clusters for the database.

  2. delete  database

  3. In the confirmation dialog, enter the name of the database to confirm your choice.

    delete database confirmation

  4. Click Delete to permanently delete the database, or click on Close to cancel the operation.

On the Databases page, the status of the database is shown as Deleting while the delete process is running.