Virtual Schema Logging

If you have to report a support ticket for a virtual schema, Exasol needs some additional logs to check the problem. This section talks about how you can use netcat tool on Linux environment to get these logs.

  1. Start netcat in listen-mode on a free TCP port on a machine reachable for an Exasol cluster.
    nc -lkp 3000
  2. Run the following command to find your IP address.
    ip -br address
  3. Create or alter your virtual schema and add the properties DEBUG_ADDRESS and LOG_LEVEL. For more details, see CREATE SCHEMA or ALTER SCHEMA. Replace the IP Address and Port with the values from the previous steps.
        SCHEMA_NAME     = '<schema name>'
        IMPORT_FROM_EXA = 'true'
        DEBUG_ADDRESS   =  '<IP Address>:<Port>' 
        LOG_LEVEL       =  'ALL';

    The parameter LOG_LEVEL specifies log level defined in Java Utility Logging Levels.

  4. The following message is shown in case of a successful connection.
    Attached to output service