MicroStrategy Desktop

This section explains how to connect MicroStrategy Desktop to your Exasol database.

For more information about MicroStrategy, see MicroStrategy Learning Center.

Exasol takes no responsibility for any changes in functionality or terms of use for the third-party software described in this section. For more information, refer to the respective software vendor’s website.


  • A running Exasol database
  • Exasol ODBC driver must be installed. You can download drivers from the Exasol Downloads portal. For more information, see Drivers.
  • MicroStrategy installed

Connect MicroStrategy Desktop to Exasol

Follow the steps below to establish a connection to an existing Exasol database:

  1. Open MicroStrategy Desktop and click New Dossier on the left panel.
  2. On the dossier window, click on New Data to add data to the dossier.
  3. From the list of data sources, search for EXASolution and select it.
  4. The Select Import Options window is displayed. To import specific tables from your Exasol instance, click Select tables.
  5. The Import from Table window is displayed. To define a data source, click the + next to DATA SOURCES.
  6. Do one of the following on the Data Source window:
    1. Select DSN-less Data Sources and add the following details:
      • Database and Version: Set the database and version field to EXASolution.
      • Host name: Port number: Enter the Connection string followed by the port.
      • User: Enter your user name.
      • Password: Enter your password.
      • Data Source Name: Enter a name for the data source. For example, Exasol.

    2. Select DSN Data Sources and add the following details:
      • DSN: Select the DSN that you created earlier.
      • Version: Select EXASolution from the drop-down.
      • User: Enter the user name.
      • Password: Enter your password.
      • Data Source Name: Enter a name for the data source. For example, Exasol via DSN.

      The data source name will be displayed under DATA SOURCES in the Import from Table screen.

      Note: If there is nothing listed in the DSN drop-down menu, then make sure you have created and tested a System DSN on your Windows operating system using the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

  7. Click on the data source name and select the schema you want to use followed by the tables.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. On the Data Access Mode screen, you can choose to either Connect Live or Import as In-memory Dataset. We recommend you to select Connect Live.

You can now create dashboards using MicroStrategy Desktop.

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