Infrastructure Jobs

The below jobs manage the underlying infrastructure on top of which the database is running. For more information on these jobs, see the table below:

Job Name Description
infra_db_scale This job updates a node(s) of the cluster and updates the database configuration.
infra_db_start Start an existing database and all of its nodes.
infra_db_stop Stops an existing database in the cluster and shutdown the instances.
infra_deployment_metadata_get This job provides deployment metadata for the cluster.
infra_firewall_update This job updates the firewall rules of the deployment.
infra_instances_add This job adds an additional node(s) to a cluster. You can create the new node(s) using an existing node configuration or the cluster configuration.
infra_instances_remove This job removes a node(s) from the cluster.
infra_instances_start This job starts an existing node(s) of the cluster.
infra_instances_stop This job stops an existing node(s) of the cluster.
infra_instances_update This job updates nodes based on the cluster configuration.
infra_overview_get This job provides and overview of the cluster state (e.g., running, stopped).
infra_resources_update This job updates all other resources of the respective platform.
infra_worker_db_add This job creates a worker cluster and adds necessary additional nodes.
infra_worker_db_remove This job deletes a worker cluster and removes its nodes.