This job creates a worker cluster and adds necessary additional nodes.

Mandatory Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
master_db_name string The name of the main cluster.
new_worker_db_name string The name for the new worker cluster.
instance_type string Enter the instance type that fits your database needs. Valid values include: 5d.large, r5d.xlarge, and r5d.2xlarge.

Optional Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
port integer Port that the database is reachable on. By default, the port is 8563.
db_params string A space-seperated list of extra database parameters which replaces the current settings. When used with other params jobs, such as params_add and/or params_delete, params is evaluated first. In general, parameters are in the format "-param=value", e.g. "-param1=1 -param2=0".
cloud_zone string The encoded geographical region that stores the cloud resources. For example, Europe (Frankfurt) is eu-central-1.
metadata dict The key/value pair (key1:value1) used to identify the cluster specific metadata hash table to use for additional node configuration.

Substitute Parameters

There are no substitute parameters.

Allowed Users

The following users are allowed to run this job:

  • root

Allowed Groups

The following groups are allowed to run this job:

  • root
  • exaadm
  • exadbadm


The following code snippets show how to use this job using both Python (via XML-RPC) and on the command-line using confd_client.