Suspend and Resume Nodes

This section explains how to suspend and resume nodes in a cluster.

The suspended node state indicates that the node has been intentionally taken offline, for example for maintenance.

This procedure is carried out using ConfD.

The following examples use ConfD through the command-line tool confd_client, which is accessible on all database nodes. You can also access ConfD through XML-RPC in your own Python programs. For more information, see ConfD.

Suspend a Node

To suspend a node, use the ConfD command node_suspend. For example, to suspend node 12 in the current deployment:

confd_client -c node_suspend -a '{"nid": 12}'

Resume a Node

Starting up a node will automatically unsuspend it. You can also manually unsuspend a node using the ConfD job node_resume. For example:

confd_client -c node_resume -a '{"nid": 12}'