Remove Local Archive Volume

If a local archive volume is no longer needed, you can remove it.

Removing a local archive volume does not delete any data stored in the data volume.


This procedure is carried out using ConfD.

The ConfD examples are written in Bash on a Linux terminal running the Exasol tool confd_client, which is accessed by connecting to EXAClusterOS on the database nodes using Exasol Deployment Tool (c4). You can also interact with ConfD from an external tool using Python and XML-RPC. For more information, see ConfD.

Placeholder values are indicated with UPPERCASE characters. Replace the placeholders with your own values.

To remove a local archive volume, use the ConfD job st_volume_list to find the name or ID of the archive volume to be removed, then use the ConfD job st_volume_delete to remove it. For example:

confd_client -c st_volume_list
name: LocalArchiveVolume1
confd_client -c st_volume_delete -a '{"vname": "LocalArchiveVolume1"}'


To verify that the local archive volume has been removed, use the ConfD job st_volume_list again as described above.