Remove Local Archive Volume

This section explains how to remove a local archive volume.

Removing a local archive volume does not delete any data stored in the data volume.

This procedure is carried out using ConfD.


The following examples use the command-line tool confd_client in a Linux terminal connected to a database node. For more information about how to use this tool, see ConfD.

  1. To find the exact name or ID of the archive volume to be removed, use the ConfD job st_volume_list. For example:

    confd_client -c st_volume_list
    name: LocalArchiveVolume1
  2. To remove the identified archive volume, use the ConfD job st_volume_delete. For example:

    confd_client -c st_volume_delete -a '{"vname": "LocalArchiveVolume1"}'


To verify that the local archive volume has been removed, use the ConfD job st_volume_list again as described above.