Upload a License

This section explains how to upload a license to an Exasol database.

All Exasol deployments start with a license that allows you to load 10 GB of raw data for testing purposes. For larger data sizes, you must upload a license to the database.

This procedure can be carried out using either the Administration API or ConfD.


You need a valid Exasol 8 license file.

Exasol 8 uses a new license format, which means that Exasol 7.1 licenses will not work in Exasol 8. For more information, contact support.

Procedure - Administration API

The following examples use curl on a Linux terminal to send REST calls to endpoints in the Administration API. You can also use other interfaces and languages to interact with the API. For more information, see Administration API.

Placeholder values are styled as Bash variables, for example: $EXASOL_IP. Replace the placeholders with your own values.

To upload a license, send a POST request to the /api/v1/license endpoint. For example:

curl -X 'POST' \
  -k "https://$EXASOL_IP/api/v1/license" \
  -H "accept: application/json" \
  -H "Authorization: Basic $AUTH_TOKEN" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" \
  --data-binary "@license_####.xml"

The license is automatically applied after a few minutes.

Procedure - ConfD

The following examples use ConfD through the command-line tool confd_client, which is accessible on all database nodes. You can also access ConfD through XML-RPC in your own Python programs. For more information, see ConfD.

To upload the license, use the ConfD job license_upload. For example:

confd_client -c license_upload -a '{license: "{< license_12345.xml}"}'

The license is automatically applied after a few minutes.


This procedure is only available using ConfD.

To verify the license after it has been uploaded, use the ConfD job license_info. For example:

[root@n11 ~]# confd_client -c license_info
  comment: Unlimited license with an expiration date.
  company_name: Exasol
  distributor: Exasol
  distributor_id: 1
  expiration_date: '2024-08-02'
  license_id: 2
  schema_version: 1
  max_db_mem_size_in_gb: Unlimited
  max_db_raw_data_size_in_gb: Unlimited
  max_nodes_per_cluster: Unlimited
  max_num_clusters: Unlimited

To verify that the currently running databases do not exceed the license limits, use the ConfD job license_run_check. For example:

[root@n11 ~]# confd_client -c license_run_check