File Format and Details

For file processing, the Comma-separated Value (CSV) and the FBV (Fix Block Value) file formats are supported which are described later on. For the best performance, you can specify an HTTP or FTP server, and even split the files into several parts to allow Exasol to read/write the data in parallel.

With the IMPORT command you can load CSV / FBV files directly from your local file system or from via FTP(s), SFTP and HTTP(s) servers or from S3 or Hadoop.

For the scenario where integration with an external bulk loading tool is required, you can use the exajload tool that is available as a part of the JDBC driver package. exajload is a bulk loading tool for local files. You can use it if you want to start a loading job by scripts without opening a JDBC connection. To know about the available options, run the command ./exajload -help for Linux environments or java -jar ./exajload.jar -help for Windows environments.

For more information about EXAjload including examples of use, see EXAjload: advanced techiniques.