Change Auto-Stop Settings

To prevent unwanted charges, stop all clusters when they are not needed. For more information about starting and stopping a cluster, see Start and Stop All Clusters.

By default, Exasol SaaS automatically stops all clusters after being idle for two hours. Idle means a query has not been executed on a particular cluster for that length of time. You can change this auto-stop time or turn it off. When setting an auto-stop time, a minimum of 15 minutes is required and a only a maximum of approximately 7 days (10,000 minutes) is allowed.

The idle time is applied on a cluster level, meaning that each cluster is checked every 15 minutes for the last time a query was executed on that cluster. If the cluster has been idle for more than the configured auto-stop time during this check, the cluster will be stopped automatically. If the cluster is the MAIN cluster, it will only be stopped when all other clusters are already stopped and it has been idle for your selected time frame.


  1. In the web console, click Databases Databases.
  2. Click More on the desired cluster and then click Auto-Stop settings.
    Auto-Stop settings
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To turn auto-stop settings on or off, click the On/Off switch.
    • To change the auto-stop time frame, in the Stop after X minutes of inactivity box, enter a new number of minutes.
  4. Click Save.

The new time or on/off status is listed by the cluster name.